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Thread: Holsters Official 101 Proof Picture Thread

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    Holsters Official 101 Proof Picture Thread

    Well to start off and showcase some local talent...

    Here is a 1911 Government holster and double mag rig made by Andy Breschini, AKA Andy's Leather House. Very finely crafted from thick cowhide with satin black snaps and white hand stitching. I have had this at the range a few times, and function is as good as form. Pictured with SA TRP

    Mitch Rosen Workman for my Colt Defender

    Mitch Rosen Premier with Wilson CQB Compact

    Don Hume IWB holster and Bianchi mag holder with Kahr PM9

    Matt Giesell Holdster (pic from his website, mine is black)
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    That is some fine work there. Holster construction has always mystified me, its why I stay in my own little knife sheath world.

    That reminds me, I need holsters for my Officers Model and P11, no question on where to go!

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