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Thread: Tom Mayo large Stellite 6K TNT framelock

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    Tom Mayo large Stellite 6K TNT framelock ***SOLD***

    I have a mint condition Tom Mayo large TNT framelock with titanium handle slabs and a handrubbed Stellite 6K drop point blade for trade. With ergonomically contoured handles and painstaking fit and finish, Tom makes some of the best framelocks around, and this TNT is no exception. This particular configuration (large size, tip-up clip, handrubbed 6K blade) of TNT is relatively rare, and it is my personal favorite combination for an EDC.

    The TNT listed here has never been carried, used, or resharpened, and its original edge from Tom is very sharp. The action is extremely smooth, the lock-up is rock solid, and the blade centering is just about dead perfect.


    The specs:

    Condition: Mint
    Blade length: 3 3/4" from tip to handle
    Overall length: 8 1/2"
    Blade thickness: Just over 5/32" at ricasso
    Blade material: Stellite 6K
    Blade finish: Handrubbed
    Edge: Plain
    Handle slab material: Titanium, beadblasted
    Lock: Titanium frame lock, beadblasted
    Backspacer: 2 stand-offs, beadblasted
    Clip: Tip up, titanium, beadblasted

    For payment on this piece, I strongly prefer USPS money orders, but I will also accept PayPal or personal check if I know you. If you are paying by PayPal, I will cover the fees, but the payment has to be sent with a PayPal-confirmed address (including the green "confirmed" marker) listed in the invoice, and I will only ship to that PayPal-confirmed address. I reserve the right to wait for personal checks to clear before I ship.

    I will consider trades (with appropriate cash adjustment) for custom folders and custom balis. I am especially interested in the following makers:

    JL Williams
    Charles Marlowe
    Tim Galyean
    Deryk Munroe
    Bob Lum
    Kit Carson
    Gerry McGinnis
    Mike Snody
    Sal Manaro
    Scott Cook
    Jim Burke
    Ernie Emerson
    Rick Hinderer
    Jim Smyth
    DB Fraley
    Matt Cucchiara
    Todd Begg
    Tom Mayo
    Neil Blackwood
    Ken Onion
    Phil Boguszewski
    Flavio Ikoma (balis only)
    Mauricio Dobruski (balis only)

    I may consider trades for other custom folders not listed above. However, I am not interested in serrated blades, production knives, or fixed blades other than those by John Young or Russ Andrews.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks for looking!
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    Dangit! I think I need THAT one too! counts pennies*

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    Ron, you seem to need one (or more) of each!

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    Thanks for the kind words, gentlemen! This one is sold!

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    oooohhh thats nice....Ron did you snag this one too?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MadDaddy View Post
    oooohhh thats nice....Ron did you snag this one too?
    boss, fess up ..... c'mmon now .... don't hold back

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