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Thread: RANDALL #2-5 w/ IRONWOOD Handle

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    RANDALL #2-5 w/ IRONWOOD Handle

    Randall Model #2-5 w/Gorgeous DESERT IRONWOOD Handle. New w/Butcher Paper

    -- Red, White & Blue Spacers

    -- Brass Double Hilt

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    Come to Momma, my little pretty!

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    "Come to Momma"

    It is yours L.W.

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    Please confirm that knife is sold.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raindog View Post
    Please confirm that knife is sold.
    Sold and paid for.

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    This one is Sold

    Please close thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lone_Wolfe View Post
    Come to Momma, my little pretty!
    Beautiful. Congrats.
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