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Thread: *The OFFICIAL EDC Thread*

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    Question *The OFFICIAL EDC Thread*

    I need to know what y'all is carrying.

    spill it.

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    Knife only? or everything?

    It's the Dodo and SAK for me.

    Selassie I

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    Knifewise its a Strider AR some of the time, a Lg, Reg Sebbie in a belt pouch at others, and an Al Mar SERE 2k for a bit more discreet carry. Every now and then its the Busse Meaner Street or Active Duty, here its not that unusual to carry a fixed blade thank goodness.

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    Red New Jersey, bordering America.
    Victorinox Tinker SAK, A Buck 110 in nylon horizontal pouch or Spyderco Endura if I want to be persnikety about weight. Sometimes a CRKT Plan B will be on my belt, small of back.
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    I carry a large classic Sebby (Left Handed) in a custom MikeT sheath.

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    I carry a Benchmade 720. I got it from Bob, he gave me a good deal on it.

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    Front right: Strider SMF, BM630, EKI Commander or MOD CQD I.
    Back right: Spyderco Police w/full SE blade.
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    Current EDCs: EKI CQC-8, Spyderco Yojimbo 2, ZT0300BW

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    Strider SnG and a Strider HAK.

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    Cherry Hill, People's Socialist Republic of New Jersey
    SAK WorkChamp, & Champ XLT!!!!!

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    Well, Yesterday was a Custom LCC Damascus and an Awesome Nate Clark Custom on the belt with a Crawford speedlock in the back pocket.

    Today The Martin Trooper with a New Bruce Gillespie MOP handled fixed should do fine. Maybe the Fred Perrin necker in the front pocket in case of emergencies.

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    I have several in my EDC rotation.Mostly i carry my Buck 110 auto conversion.But i also have a Buck 112 Auto conversion and a Boker Kal74 i carry from time to time.One that i always carry in my pocket no matter what is my Frank Beltrame B-Naked Framelock!

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    Whiplash i got from TBG or talonite batwing from Matt.

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    Closer than you think!
    A BM 635 Mini Skirmish, showed up about 2 weeks ago, has not left my side since!!
    NYou cannot have manslaughter, without laughter!N

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    Work, usually a Benchmade 9100SBT.

    Not work: right now there is a MT LCC manual, CF with dark bolsters black PE S30V blade. The last few weeks has been a Hinderer Ember Tanto, very cool little blade. Large regular and small classic make it into my pockets every once in a while, as well as a Hinderer Firetac.

    Like most around here, I have an EDC rotation. Mine has about a dozen or so knives in it at the moment.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheJerzeeDevil
    I need to know what y'all is carrying.
    So what are you carrying? Come in here asking all sorts of questions without offering up your own!!

    The Queen of Hearts is always your best bet

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    Every workday is an LCC D/A stonewashed, half serrated w/ CF scales. When I am prettied up it be Sebenza HP:-D
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    I cry inside for those of you who have to kill kittens by yourself instead of with a friend.

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