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Thread: FS: Starlingear Ti Spartan lanyard bead ...

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    FS: Starlingear Ti Spartan lanyard bead ...

    Hi Gents,

    I picked this one up from MonkeyEdge a few months back and haven't used it yet. Never used and ready for you.

    From MonkeyEdge:

    " The mighty Spartan helmet with the Starlingear edge.
    About Titanium Starlingear: If you notice, most titanium jewelry is machined and not cast with Starlingear detail. Titanium is an incredibly hard material to cast. For a comparison: silver melts at about 1763 degrees F, while titanium has to get up over 3000 degrees F! In addition, there is a very high loss rate with the titanium as the metal does not flow into the mold as easily.

    -Solid Titanium
    -Comes with signed warranty card/certificate of authenticity
    -Starlingear maker stamps"

    Price includes USPS Priority shipping w/ delivery confirmation and insurance. Paypal only

    PRICE: $150 net to me; I paid $265 from MonkeyEdge - so a deal for someone!

    Feel free to PM me w/ any questions or interest. Thanks and best regards, Bill

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    OHPF - thanks Jerzeedevil and buyer.

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