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Thread: Used Benchmade 42 for sale!!!

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    Used Benchmade 42 for sale!!!

    I want to buy another knife and need money so I'm selling my benchmade 42... The knife I want costs $1,050.00 I know I can't get all that out of this but its a start. The 42 is in excellent condition. I can't flip haven't even tried because I did not want to ding all up. I dropped it once so there is a tiny ding or two in the safe handle. I carried it on me as an EDC but rarely took it out of the sheath unless for show and tell. It also comes with the standard nylon sheath and the slot for vertical carry got cut on accident so you can only use horrizontal carry. It also comes with BlueLube Lubricant, Bluelube Cleanser, Bluebox Tool and two of the DISCONTINUED leather sheaths. One of them is brand new and the other is worn from carry. Still has original box. I'm asking $500 obo including shipping. PAYPAL ONLY

    SOLD!!! $450
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