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Thread: Harley Davidson / Gerber Collab 1981

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    Harley Davidson / Gerber Collab 1981

    Fallen on more hard times, here's what i've been hiding in the safe along with my father who recently gave the word to sell.

    1981 Gerber commemorative knive with President, Vice, and Designer signatures engraved on the blade. The knife has been sitting in the original box for about 30 years.

    The front of the knife has the Harley insignia and the Gerber stamps showing the makers mark and the collector number, 2954/3000.

    The back of the blade shows the model number 525 and the signatures, and the words "Commemorating the return to private ownership of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, June 1981"

    The box still has the 2954/3000 sticker on the side.Attachment 94138Attachment 94137Attachment 94139Attachment 94140Attachment 94141

    Also some cool background history on the piece, my father, Vernon Hunt was given this knife by Willie G. who he worked with to design the first Harley soft tail. He is now retired making history in the model aircraft community.

    Shipping will be USPS Priority, CONUS.
    Price is $1000.oo PayPal, i'll once again be eating the fee.
    JDBA #9999

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    babump to the top. i'll take reasonable offers! no trade items please.
    JDBA #9999

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    price drop

    a hundred bucks off! this thing has to move. 900$
    JDBA #9999

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