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Thread: Alpha Beast SitRep

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    Quote Originally Posted by laughingbuddha View Post
    It would appear that more than 20 AB's are being made?
    Good call!

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    Quote Originally Posted by laughingbuddha View Post
    It would appear that more than 20 AB's are being made?
    I was trying to count to see if there were more than 80 slabs

    I'll TAKE IT!?
    The most important weapon a cat has in his arsenal is patience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryanol View Post
    I'll TAKE IT!?

    I couldn't agree with you more. I really need to get me one of these.

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    Deadpool thanks for your service man!
    JDBA #77

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    It's always good to see that the Bali community and makers alike care for each other especially in these types of situations. Truly the right thing to do in all levels, and makes me want to get an AB even more

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    ooooo WIP pix

    only a dickhole would have a problem with you giving a soldier his knife early for deployment, I certainly wouldn't want to ship out without my balisong


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    Godspeed to you Deadpool.
    JDBA Member #22

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    Quote Originally Posted by Looseyfur View Post

    things are moving along very well in this build, with that said Im here to inform you that one member of the current list will be returning to active duty very close to the proposed deliver date. We have discussed it as a team and we have made an overture to fast track one build ahead of the rest so that our customer can carry his Beast to Afghanistan, instead of possibly missing delivery while deployed and then being without his AB for the duration of his tour.

    I doubt any of you would have any objection to fastracking this one build for this gentleman as he has no objection to putting his life on the line for you all. We are just transparent with what we do with the product and I wanted you to hear it for us and from ME that we've chosen to do this for this customer.

    It was my pleasure to talk to DeadPool, and to wish him well during his deployment, which should be in the beginning of March, and to thank him for his patronage of our product and also for his service to our country.

    "Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys; look on them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death."
    ~Sun Tzu

    The -=BRS=- Crew
    Great Idea! Thanks for the quote.

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    Thank you deadpool for watching over us and Godspeed my friend. To the team of BRS, you guys got a lot of aloha. I proudly stand by your decision. Mahalo.

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    Thank you, all

    I just got home from my Sergeant's house, opened the JDBA to see what I missed, and I come to this almost immediatly. I spoke with Loosey the other day (while on a live 120mm mortar range) about the BRS team getting the AB to me as soon as possible. Without gushing, and sounding like a paid informant, I have to say this is an absolute A+++ for the BRS team. I hate being that guy (we all know one) who throws their position around to get what they want ("Im a soldier, give me something for free!") but anybody here that knows me knows I am not that guy. Having the assurance that they are doing everything possible to get the knife to me before deployment put me on cloud 9, and built a trust in BRS that I have never experienced from any other. Thank you to the Whole BRS team for everything, it shows your true colors (red, white and blue) and also your patronage to your customers. Wigs also gets a major shout for placing my name on the list, because I was on yet another morar range at the time the AB list was posted. For all of your Devilish support, I have never met a community of guys (and girls) that are so open, transparent, and welcoming as you all. I am headed into the heart of hell (I cannot disclose my AO) but lets just say that it is a very ugly place. I will miss this community for the duration of my tour, and I plan on returning with wonderful stories of gumdrop forrests and rivers of kool-aid.

    As far as the AB goes, I will send pics if it in action over there if I am allowed photographic release, or at least when I get back. One of my Sergeants told me that if I have to use a balisong for, know, dirty work... He will put me in for a Silver Star. If I get a Silver Star for using my AB to dispatch a bad guy, how badass would that be for BRS? Fuckin' sweet.

    In all seriousness, thank you all again for the support. I do plan on using this knife in Afghanistan, and with all of your support, I feel at ease, knowing that there are still men and women who believe in what we must do to ensure the betterment of our nation.

    Thank you again,

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    Thanks to all of you guys for backing the decision!

    No cuts no glory.

    Contact -=BRS=- about our products, warranty, parts or service at

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    and P.S.

    I read every comment on this thread, and I think it was something like 100% approval, thanks guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadpool View Post
    I hate being that guy (we all know one) who throws their position around to get what they want ("Im a soldier, give me something for free!
    did you sign up to get the discount on big pink??

    Rhymes with "Atari"
    naked chicks

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    Oh my god, I use that quote all the fucking time, but nobody gets it! "Here are your discont cards" classic. You know, I think you are the only other dude here that quotes futurama as much as myself, bravo buddy!

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    this is a really cool thing to see . i Give My PERSONAL word this man will have his AB in hand long before he deploys to the "Sandbox". i just built his handles and will have a blade for him with plenty of time to spare .
    i was thinking about engraving something on it for him but i have "Friends" that have been over there and they said they need a "Sterile" unmarked knife.. if i am wrong about this
    Deadpool please contact me.
    your service is very valued and appreciated. Black "Kydex" is all i got but i would love to hand it to ya so it can go straight on your "Vest".. when it is done i will meet you
    buy you dinner and give you your knife .

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