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Thread: Alpha Beast SitRep

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    BRS is a class act. Be safe DeadPool. Thank you for your service.

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    BRS, you guys are the best.

    Deadpool, stay low and be safe.

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    Too cool guys!!

    Rock on Deadpool!!!!!

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    Hell yea that is way cool that you guys are doing that for him. Thanks Deadpool for your service!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Looseyfur View Post
    This picture leaves me drooling.....

    And fuck yeah it's cool for Deadpool to get his as soon as possible to have it before deployment!
    Fuck man, going without an AB like that would just be.... I can't even think about it!!!!!

    Thank you for your service Deadpool.

    And now I patiently wait for mine while the withdrawal symptoms start to subside
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    I don't know if it's necessary to say it, but of course I have no objection.

    Stay safe DeadPool

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    I too have "no dog in this hunt", but class act BRS! Deadpool, stay safe and thanks!
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    I object!!

    I'm kidding of course. That's cool of you guys to do. He absolutely deserves an AB! Hell, if it came down to it and the time constraints were too tight for Matt to get his done in time, I would offer to send Mr. Pool mine tomorrow, so he is not Beastless in Afghanistan. Normally it would be a "pry it from my cold dead hands" type of situation, but I would be willing to go through AB withdrawls and wait for a replacement if he needed mine asap. It's been flipped, but I haven't dropped it on concrete or anything, or used it to cut anything (besides my fingers), so there is no visible wear and you probably couldn't tell the difference between it and a brand new one side by side. Anyway, not that I want to part with it, but my offer stands if you guys need it. America, Fuck YEah!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Looseyfur View Post

    That Pic is full of fucking WIN!!!
    " Emergencies seldom favor the unprepared. "

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    BRS, you guys fucking rock! Get that man his AB! If there's time maybe you guys could do something special with this AB to show deadpool how much his service is greatly appreciated.

    Deadpool, stay safe over there Brother! We'll see you when you come home thanks again for your service! Enjoy that AB

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    Deadpool... Thank you thank you for your service. Well be praying for you back home! As for BRS... yet another way of showing that theyre customers aren't just a number... way cool BRS... way cool!
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    Classy move.

    Good luck Deadpool. Stay safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Looseyfur View Post
    It would appear that more than 20 AB's are being made?
    Always blow on the pie (safer communities together)

    "One should forgive ones enemies, but not before they are hanged" - Heinrich Heine

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    Dude if I had an AB to give to you prematurely, I'd send it out to Matt Cook to have it refurbed and sent to you while I wait for a new one. Thanks for your service man, I couldn't love this country any more if I tried.
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