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Thread: For Sale: Starlingear Sabertooth & Spartan Beads

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    For Sale: Starlingear Sabertooth Bead

    For Sale: Starlingear Sabertooth Bead

    Since these two beads are sitting around doing nothing, I figured I would let them go to better homes. Both of these beads have not been carried or used. They are in mint condition. Looking for $156 shipped for each bead. Payment via paypal only. Please add 3.5% for fees. Ships via USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. Prefer to ship US50 only. Not looking for any trade offers. E-mail is the best way to reach me:

    Thanks for looking!

    Sabertooth Bead. This bead is now discontinued and no longer in production. Asking $156>145>$WITHDRAWN shipped
    Not looking for trades unless you have an Amsler Tritium Tanto Knife or Atwood tools. I am in between work, so I could use the cash.

    SGear Stamp

    Spartan Bead. Asking $SOLD shipped

    SGear Stamp
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    bump with price reduction

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    bump with price reduction

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    would you trade the sabertooth bead for anything?
    Other questions deleted by mod as we do not ask questions in sales threads that will cause unnecessary thread bumping; everybody wants to be on top.
    rats... was here
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    Withdrawn. Mods, please lock and close this thread. Thanks!

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