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Thread: Incoming OTF eye candy

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    Quote Originally Posted by AMERICAN View Post
    iguy which one are you getting......
    Depending on how it comes out I have my eye on the carbon fiber/damascus..
    dont and

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    great thread American, ive seen your posts in 4 sale before, usually in the sandshark category. i love burns autos but also find myself "priced out" of this one. but hey its just good to see some new da otf porn not starring a tony marfione! no offense to m-tech collectors

    cant wait to see some handle/blade variation pix~

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    That D/A OTF is awesome and the action looks sweet. It looks heavy duty and built to last. Thanks for showing it off..

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    Oh man that knife is a real masterpeice! Quality craftsmanship!

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    In coming

    Just got a email from the man himself (Mr.Burn)..Looks like hes just finishing up my knife and he will be posting pics on his web site tomorrow..Just in case anyone is interested in seeing his work......I believe that at this time theres only 3 of theses proto left...
    Single action OTF's suck....

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    Head Hunter

    Hi Paul..Thanks for posting pics...I have a spot for the Head Hunter Razor Blade, right next to my Drewy Harris OTF....
    Single action OTF's suck....

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    Quote Originally Posted by BURN View Post
    Wow! Does it come in a hearst? American you are gonna be happy!

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    Head Hunter

    Hi wcjohn,
    I did not even get it yet and been walking around with a smile from ear to ear..... like a little kid at christmas
    Single action OTF's suck....

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    Quote Originally Posted by AMERICAN View Post
    Hi wcjohn,
    I did not even get it yet and been walking around with a smile from ear to ear..... like a little kid at christmas
    I'm smiling with ya bud. B E A utiful piece. I'd love top see a clip of the action if ya get a chance. No pressure. Merry Christmas! Hehe.

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    My new RAZOR BLADE is in and I must say over the years I have owned a alot of differant OTF D/A autos including just about every Microtech OTF( which I do not own any Micotech OTF's anymore) and this "BURN" Razor Blade blows away anything Microtech has ever done....Mr Paul Panak has taken his talent and brought it in a great direction ,I own my own machine shop and been making aerospace parts for over 30 years and I must say Mr Paul Panak Is a over the top skillfull master.... Theres Razor Blades should make the covers of all the blade mag.this year..............Thank you Paul for putting out a true MASTER PIECE...

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    Single action OTF's suck....

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    Gotdamn those are some beautiful knives there sir! Great pieces for the collection! Definitly some high end knives, i hope you got knife insurance haha! Keep those pics commin its the only way ill ever see anything that nice

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    Very nice bud!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AMERICAN View Post
    iguy which one are you getting......
    Quote Originally Posted by AMERICAN View Post
    Check out the new BURN "RAZORBLADE" otf...This is one sweet D/A OTF....
    BadAss!!!!!!I love Skulls
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    Heres another interestin Razor Blade BURN just finished,it has a ceramic coating with carbon fiber inlays ,check out the blade......
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    Single action OTF's suck....

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