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Thread: Merry christmas

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    Merry christmas

    Merry Christmas to you J and the entire Neilson clan.....

    Quote Originally Posted by bigmark408
    I'm not bashing no one its the fuckin internet and if some one is going to tell the world they pissed there fuckin pants while they were watching there friend get his ass kicked by 4 guys .......but he watched because there was no reason for both of them to get there ass kicked.........then im gonna tell him he is a fuckin pussy.

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    Ditto to you bud!!! Hope you and yours are having a great holiday and from us up on the mountain, hoping for the best for you and yours in the upcoming year Jimbo. Good news on my end, went back to court and I'm getting even more time with the kids now. We're spending the whole week together and get even more time duing the school year. Whoohoo!

    Hope to talk to youo soon bud,
    J. Neilson
    ABS Master Smith

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