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Thread: Balibalistic photo gallery

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    Quote Originally Posted by casimirrx View Post
    Forgive me if the answer to this should be obvious but what model are you flipping there?
    Quote Originally Posted by Area965 View Post
    I believe that is the Dedicated Flipper Proto.
    This one wasn't a DF as far as I was made aware. Just another custom form BB
    "i buy balis to destroy them and upload vids of me doing so" -Nardath

    "Dude, if you can ollie the gap, you can handle this other shit" -Looseyfur

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    Good stuff Konger! One of the better pics I've seen of MokuTi

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    Now those are some seriously nice balis! I like the one 3rd from the left. Very unique countersinking! Definitely not something you see too often.
    JDBA #13

    Can someone out there hook me up with a PAB 2.0 so I have a complete BRS collection???


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    AJ and Matt, very nice boys!

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    Sweet baby jeebus. Haven't been in this section for ages. Almost missed this update.

    ***Fine looking blades

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    He doesn't make them like this anymore....Green G-10 over titanium, bearings, and the old style ears. One of my favorites.

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