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Thread: "Big Carver" Kitchen/Carving Knife

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    "Big Carver" Kitchen/Carving Knife

    I just finished this piece up for a gentlemen just in time for Thanksgiving.

    This is a large, full-tang kitchen/carving knife with a blade of 400+ layer damascus done in a "raindrop" pattern. The blade has a 10" cutting edge, approx. 1 1/2" high (spine to edge) and 15" overall length with a flat spine and rounded thumb rest area. The bolsters are ball-bearing canister damascus with hidden pins. The handle scales are A-grade Desert Ironwood Burl done in a "palm swell" style secured with stainless steel handle bolts capped with tri-tone mosaic pins.

    Thanks again.
    J. Neilson
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    Thats a beaut piece...stunning.
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    sweet blade. bet it cuts like a wild monkey wielding a razor blade
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    Very nice, J
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    where is the matching fork
    L R Harner (butch) (still getting it all set up but its working)

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    Quote Originally Posted by L R Harner View Post
    where is the matching fork
    He actually ordered a matching fork as soon as he saw the pix.

    Thanks guys.
    J. Neilson
    ABS Master Smith &
    Judge on History's "Forged in Fire"

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    Well, as I mentioned, the gent who ordered the "Big Carver" asked me to make a Fork to match.... let me know what you think (I know my pix arenn't the best, really wish I was able to have Chuck Ward photo the pair).

    So, how'd I do?
    J. Neilson
    ABS Master Smith &
    Judge on History's "Forged in Fire"

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