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Thread: FS: Daniel Winkler Field Knife and Pimped beater emerson horseman

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    FS: Daniel Winkler Field Knife and Pimped beater emerson horseman

    First up:
    Winkler custom BELT KNIFE (not field knife)
    Recycled rubber handle
    Black felt lined leather sheath
    Extra velcro covered sheath
    Black coated blade
    98% condition (light scuffing from sheath)
    Never used, just taken in and out of sheaths for fitment and showing to friends.

    Asking $300
    Shipping track/ins. Conus included
    FREE Give Terror The Axe silicone bracelet included
    FREE Give Terror The Axe custom velcro backed flag morale patch included

    Paypal standard us 4%


    Next up: Emerson Horseman
    She's been sitting in my knife bag for too long. She needs a new home.

    Tan ceracoated everything by JD's own jeff fourbush (blade, liners, backspacer, scales and clip).
    She is used and has been professionally resharpened and had serrations added. No Longer plain edge.

    Asking $100 via paypal standard. Please include 4% fees. Shipping priority conus on me. Tracking/insurance/international shipping upon request at buyers cost.

    Will also consider trades for working condition analog dive watches. Seiko , seiko 5, citizen prefered. (black monster, franken monster, submariner clones etc. Plus cash on my end if necessary).

    Thanks for looking


    Feel free to co tact via pm or direct thru email:
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    You must have a picture of your actual knife in your thread; no link, no stock photo.
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    Ok, uploading one in just a sec. Be right back.
    Update: Shot these pics just a moment ago:

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    sent ya an email. keepem sharp

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    Who, did the serations on the Winkler ?

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