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Thread: Nuclear Meltdown Fusion Battle Mistress, NMFBM

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    Nuclear Meltdown Fusion Battle Mistress, NMFBM

    Asking price does not include shipping or insurance due to size, weight, destination, and amount insured for but feel free to email me for shipping quotes and include your complete mailing address at with any questions or if you want specific pictures taken.
    You can contact me for payment info. I am willing to ship to different countries as long as you take the risk and pay additional for shipping. I am not responsible for international shipments even though I have never had any problems. Check my feedback.
    If you are thinking about offering me a trade, please get me a description of what you want to trade me, along with the condition it is in (new, used, carried, scratched, sharpened) and pictures to my email and I will let you know. I reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone without any explanation at all.

    KC406 NMFBM .275" Convexed Satin Blade, Full Green/Tan Lacewood Handle

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    NMFBM .25" Sage Convexed Blace, Magnum Hand Shaped Black Canvas Micarta
    I believe this in one of the original runs of this mode that came out in 2008 because of the thickness of the blade.

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    KC92 NMFBM .287" Sage Blade, Magnum Textured Green G10
    This was purchased new by me at the Fall of 2010 Knob Creek Show
    Sold Pending Funding

    Tan Kydex sheath for the NMFBM with Magnum Handles

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