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Thread: DDR New Bali "Raiden"

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    On the list!!!

    Don't know if I dd this already, but better Safe than sorry, as I don't want to miss out on this beauty.


    Don't know why this posted twice. I was doing a minor spelling error edit on the original post, then saw this posted twice. Sorry!
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    Put me down on the list too please, bushing model.
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    Put me on the list also please
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    Dang I would love to get on the list for one of these with bushings. Any chance you could put some larger spacers in the ends of the handles to give it a little better flipping performance?
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    Love it. Reserve one for me with bushings, please.

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    Id like to be on the list to that is an awesome looking knife
    Edit: Please reserve me one with bushings please
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    Already sent you an email from buffalobills but im doing this also put me down for a bearing system one

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    So who is all going to the NY Custom Knife Show this weekend? There is a rumor that five of these Bali will be done!!!!
    I can't confirm that but here are some spy pictures I found on the internet. My inside guy had to sneak the pictures with his phone so not the best pictures... Rumor has it that the pivots on both the bearings and bushings are very similar so that's Great News.
    Now should the news be correct, they if you are going to the show, if you can find me, I might let you handle one first hand. Now where's my list....

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    What day are you going?

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    Quote Originally Posted by papercut View Post
    What day are you going?
    I am planning on being there on Friday and Saturday. I should have at least one with Bearings and one with Bushings for those that want to see if they can feel the difference.

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    I definitely need to see what day I'm going now

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    any chance i could get a bushing one without the sharpened swedge?

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    Quote Originally Posted by firstnomad View Post
    any chance i could get a bushing one without the sharpened swedge?
    Yes, I think we may be doing them all like that. I think that most places, that sharpened small swedge is illegal. Please email me if you would like to be added to the list.

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    One bushing version please

    I would like to reserve a bushing driven Rayden. I believe I sent an email a while back as well, but I'll send another in case I didn't. Great looking bali.


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    that is gorgeous, please add me to the list

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