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Thread: Louisville KY gun show

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    Louisville KY gun show

    i thought id throw this up to all you devils i know this is for knife discussion but i want to let you all know that i will be at the gun show in Louisville this weekend if your close by come and take a look at what i got on my table

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    table 13 N at Blade show

    "if it aint forged it aint real"

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    I've been thinking about going to that one. It'll probably be Saturday.

    Any idea where your table will be?

    (I'll be the guy wearing either a Jerzee Devil or MOB shirt!)
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    i have no idea, im going to be with Mark Molnar hes got a ton of factory folders and some high end custom folders too hes close to me so were splitting costs gas hotel ect

    (ill be the guy with knives sweating his nuts off)
    table 13 N at Blade show

    "if it aint forged it aint real"

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    I ain't seen Mark in a Bit

    Have a Good show
    Lotsa Knives, No Money
    Got Siska's?

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    it was a great show! even Mark said that the crowd was more knowledgeable about knives than for all that showed up thanks a bunch
    table 13 N at Blade show

    "if it aint forged it aint real"

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    I should have been there... but I wasn't paying attention.

    Next time.

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    Too bad you didnt make it to the SHOT Show - it was fun!

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