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Thread: GERBER USA Coffin Handle Bowie

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    GERBER USA Coffin Handle Bowie

    This knife has been my grail for quite a long time, I've bought it 280 € and never used it in the end...

    I guess this is quite a nice piece of knife. It has been made in Portland,OR before the Fiskars era. The knife has a 10" blade, 8 mm width, satin finish and original razor edge.

    Handle material is synthetic with a rubber-ish finish to increase the grip.

    To be honest, I have no clues what a fair price would be for this knife (please let me know if you have an idea.)

    I'll rate this knife 160USD including shipping (please add 4% if PP payment)

    At this time I would be interested in a ZT551 folder, CRK professional soldier, Boker ROLD, TAD GEAR items and bags etc. but I'll consider every trade offer.


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    I can't reach Nyefmaker so the knife is still available.
    Let's do 150 USD same conditions.

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    Price drop : 140 USD, same conditions.

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    Let's try 130 USD, same conditions

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