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Please read!!

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Please read!!

    Thank You!!
    putting the FU in funny !

    And remember: life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes.

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    Please read B4 you buy!!

    Thank you!!
    putting the FU in funny !

    And remember: life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes.


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      I locked all threads until the Boss gets back.


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        Warning Pattieman AKA rainybarrdroop

        So I was going to buy a knife from this guy and then I did my research. I sent him a PM wanting to buy a knife. Since I did my research after seeing the post by tubtar saying

        Your reputation preceeds you.
        I ain't sayin good or bad.......... I'm just sayin.
        He sent me the following info to send payment to:

        Mail it to:
        Semi Transport
        c/o Barmash
        3090 Voorhies Ave
        Suite 5D
        Brooklyn NY 11235
        Seemed kind of strange to me so I dug deeper and asked what Semi Transport was and he replied:

        Semi is my company, I have this because of certain tax benefits, We also have a store in NY for 20 years and we a distributors of Police and Military equipment. BTW , nowadays u can't even fillup a truck for $200, so I'm not running away, Ira
        So I did a search on Ira Barmash and found:
        Ira Barmash
        6409 14th Ave
        Brooklyn, NY 11219-5315
        (718) 232-5939
        So called Company: Knives & Everything Else he is President of. No website nothing. This all seems very sketchy if:

        Hi,just started selling on JD. Been selling knives since 1988, had a retail store, retired 2 years ago.All my stuff is brand new , noted otherwise, try to give members fair prices. Thanks all, Pattieman
        Like you posted in the welcome section.

        So I searched rainybarrdroop and he has been banded from other fourums because he hates America, and has 9/11 sales. He also told a Veteran that he wished he died in 9/11. Need I say more. Now he wants my information and said:

        I don't know what u mean, You have all my info, I have nothing from you, I'll send you a custom lanyard as a gift or how about a microtech hat, small/medium flex.
        Could this be one of the microtech or hats that he had in his 9/11 sale?

        This all goes on alot more and I am sure some people here can shed some light on this guy.

        Pattieman AKA rainybarrdroop AKA Tacstuff take that hat and shove it up your ass. Maybe if you attach that custom lanyard to it you can get it back and sell it next 9/11. If you hate America, leave.
        Last edited by lespaul; 06-24-2008, 05:00 AM.


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          DO NOT send anything that would reveal your accounts.


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            It all made sense when I read 'rainybarrdroop.'


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              Not one for any cross forum drama but let me be clear- Rainy, you are a complete and total fuckstick. May a camel give birth in your living room.It's a small world out there pal, looks like you've been sniffed out as the stinky POS you are in this forum too.


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                Hi Rainy......


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                  Last year he screwed me on an ebay purchase; he claimed he made a winning bid on a LCC M/A thinking it was a D/A, then was out of the country until after the auction ended, and only then discovered his mistake. Problem is he was, a couple months later, asking about how to tell the difference between an LCC M/A and D/A. So he was clearly full of shit about it. Besides that, the guy just seems sleazy (not that there is anything wrong with sleazy if you are a 20 year old, nubile, attractive female). I wouldn't piss on him if he were on fire.
                  all da best,
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                  2. JD Commerce Rulze (read them; there will be a test):

                  There was no Cartoon Network either! You could only get cartoons on Saturday Morning. Do you hear what I'm saying? We had to wait ALL WEEK for cartoons, you spoiled little rat-bastards!


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                    Originally posted by escapehybrid View Post
                    Hi Rainy......
                    No dog in the fight but the only person in that pic with a handbag is the guy!

                    He looks like the sort of person that was serioulsly picked on at school

                    I'm Not a Shark! I'm a talent scout


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                    Originally posted by Clydetz
                    The only things my mother taught me were never to accept candy from strangers, if your belly hurts your belt is too tight, and your arms are too short to box with God!


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                      Over the years we have not had many problems with sellers. Since Pattieman signed up we have heard from quite a few members voicing their concerns.

                      We do not charge to sell because that area is for our members.

                      Since you have joined 15 of your 22 posts are in the for sale section. If you are on the forums to sell knives, this is not the place for you.

                      I will wait for others to give some more detailed responses, but I see a ban hammer swinging in your direction.

                      I'm going to guess that all of your failures prior to the "revolution" will pale in comparison to how hard your life will be afterward. You will not rise to the occasion. If you can't succeed in a structured, ordered society, you will continue to fail miserably when winning friends and influencing people becomes vitally important.

                      It can return at any time.


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                        Pattieman- we were alerted of your presence before you started posting knives for sale. I will ASK this one time only- make these things right or The JD will not be available to you any longer

                        We do NOT take kindly to our members being taken advantage of in any way shape or form.
                        Originally posted by ratstuph We only destroy dreams here, not "restore" them.
                        welcome to da JD,

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                          Fuck this guy. He tried to swindle me as well by bamboozlin' me with some bullshit. You're a piece of shit Rainy


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                            Rainy, you crossed the line when you bashed the USA....ron and mike have both spoken....i think its time you tucked your punk ass tail and ran.


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                              Originally posted by bigmark408 View Post
                              Rainy, you crossed the line when you bashed the USA....ron and mike have both spoken....i think its time you tucked your punk ass tail and ran.

                              I am with Mark on this one. Hit the road....
                              See the turncoat on his knees
                              A vagabond that no one sees
                              When a moon is throwing shadows
                              You can't save the ones you've caught in battle