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My Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Review & Impressions

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  • My Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Review & Impressions

    I held off on reviewing this knife for a month or so because I wanted to first get a feel for its quality, packability, fit, finish, hand feedback and durability.
    It is my Spyderco Paramilitary 2 in CPM S30V.
    For a few weeks, I just used the stock edge, which was perfectly fine and sharp as a razor right out of the box.
    I had some concerns that the tip seemed a little thin, but since I generally do not pry with my knives, I figured it would not be an issue for me. Since I assume this was designed with a military person in mind though, and they would likely need to pry open a can or crate, this may not hold up. However, since I didn't try it, I won't say if it will or not.

    The ergonomics of the knife are fantastic though! I love how it fits my hand and there is nothing I would improve or change. The traction on the stock handles is great and I feel very secure in multiple holds and through different tasks that I have put it though.

    I also was surprised at the comfort of the back of the handle in hard cutting.

    I thought that the compression lock tab would pinch or hurt the webbing on my thumb, but so far, it has not. This is my first experience with a compression lock and I have to say it is much better than I expected. While I have zero issue with my Benchmade Mini Bone Collector and its Axis lock, this lock is similar, but quite different as well. From what I see of how i is constructed and its physics, I believe it will never fail under normal use, because the only way to make it fail would require the blade tang to crush the locking tab that fits within the slot in the tang. I do not believe that that is possible under normal to severe conditions that anyone would encounter in life. This is not to say that the Axis is inferior, however..the Axis has a spring in its mechanism that can fail (though mine never has and likely never will), but from a design standpoint, the leaf spring of this lock is far less likely to fail than a spring like the Omega of the Axis. I like both and think they both are superior to standard liner locks.
    The jimping is both effective and as comfortable as you will likely find.
    It is neither too aggressive nor weak: just right IMO.
    The pocket clip is the hour glass shape that has gotten high praise elsewhere and I agree as well. Its nicely designed and polished with no rough edges and it holds the pocket lip great. The texturing on the handle in conduction with the clips shape make for a very nice pocket retention and extraction combination.

    I used to have a Strider SNG with Dual Gunner Grips and that knife was extremely difficult to get out of the pocket and shredded many pants on me. This is far superior.
    I used a diamond hone and ceramic stone to round over the bevel on this knife, because I want to convex it eventually. The hardness of this S30V is on the soft side, which is perfect for me. I have a few Sebenzas in S30V, whose hardness seems quite higher than this one, and Ive never been able to get its edge as hair popping as this one.

    The lanyard tube is massive and makes threading 550 cord a piece of cake. The cord in this image is gutted, and the lanyard is from Countycomm.

    Overall, the size, weight and construction of this USA made knife is superb and I highly recommend it. I am glad I got this steel with it because of its ease of maintenance and care. It is a forgiving knife for the novice also.

    So, this is my first written review on here. I do make videos on youtube under my name on there: traderjoes

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    Nice review! I should be getting my Earth brown Para 2 in the mail any day now. It will be my first. I've been carrying a sprint Manix 2 and am eager to try the Para 2.


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      have had mine for 3 weeks now, love this knife
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        I seriously can find nothing bad about it. Ive gotten the blade gunked up and then washed it numerous times in hot water and soap and there is no loss of fluidity in its action. The edge responds nicely to stropping and seems to stay keen for quite a long time. Im very pleased with it.


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          Originally posted by spydieman View Post
          have had mine for 3 weeks now, love this knife
          How well does it wave with zip tie mod?

          These USA made spydie's are priced competitively, doesn't feel as if i'm being fucked in the ass like with an Emerson.
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            The Spyderco PM2 is what you say it is. It performs big for being on the featherweight side of a knife of this size.

            I'm excited too because I just got the message that my pre-order is in for the CTS-XHP version at Cuttlery Shoppe! Already great knife with a steel that is one of my favorites.

            regards - redleg
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              i just got my digi cam s30v (thanks to a forum member here) this monday, and i have to say i love it! i even picked up the brown s35v shortly after getting this one.


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                Thanks for the review. Dollar for dollar, probably the best value folder on the market right now IMO. The thing with Spyderco is that they just work right out of the box. No re-profiling, breaking in, tweaking or 'pimping' needed. And they cut like demons!
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                  Nice review, and I agree with the other posters here. The Para 2 is winner for sure.


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                    The first one I bought didn't really impress me but after I sold it, I regretted it.
                    I've bought a couple more and actually believe it to be the perfect folder. It's strong but super light and the ergo's are well thought out.

                    I hope they make one in a smaller version as well.

                    Great post!


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                      Very nice review, couldnt decide if the knife was worth the money.... But looking from what you have to say. It is well worth it! I might just pick one up now.


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                        Nice knife , thinking of getting one since the military is big for EDC .. Thanks for the review


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                          I'll say that its my favorite EDC folder to date. the open/closing of the knife is super smooth on mine. I just love this knife.


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                            It's very comfortable EDC. Picture with bodyguards.


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                              So how does it feel in tight jean pockets?
                              Any complaints about the locke?

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