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Buck Paklite 143c sheath

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  • Buck Paklite 143c sheath

    So last month I was the recipient of a new Buck Paklite 143c as a gift from my sweet gf. She knows I like to work on kydex and said she chose this as a knife to create a project. At first, I was kind of leery of the design and handle ergos but once I put some cord around it it fit much better. I know the steel is cheapo 420 HC, but it is sharp enough to do its job and easy to touch up so I am warming up the blade more and more. I decided to make it a survival knife/BOB/hunting role to place on my mini survival kit for hiking and hunting. I like how it came out.

    Here is the knife in the sheath itself. I like making sheaths with multiple carry options so I placed a molle snap attachment and a 1 1/2 inch belt loop on the other. I made the decision to drill the belt loop centered in case I need to switch it to left side carry or if another person uses it they can place it for their strong side carry. I also have never made a fire steel loop so I created one and placed it on it. I used a thinner kydex as the knife is relatively flat and thicker kydex for the belt loop and the fire steel loop as these parts will see more wear and tear.

    This is my mini survival pack that is ready to go. I can attach it to my main pack, my belt, and last, I have the option to put a carry strap on it if I want to sling it. It is made by FOX USA I believe and I got this setup idea from French Butcher at Bladeforums. The link is for reference for those who want to read it. Here is the pack.
    The contents:Nothing super special just basics such as 550 cord, different sizes of bandaids, condoms, mirror, two 8x 11 sheets of paper, aluminum foil for signaling/cooking, rubber gloves, ear plugs, pen, marker, compass, hand sanitizer for fire starting, matches, and a bic lighter. Still need a small knife like a SAK for it, some lead weights, fishing hooks, water purifying tablets, wire, and I think Ill be set.

    Together side by side: I keep the other molle attachment on it in case it breaks, I have a spare.

    The sheath attached to the pouch:

    Overall I am pleased with the way it came out. Comments and concerns are welcome. Thank you.
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