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Bali-Song Custom & Parker Hand Made

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  • Bali-Song Custom & Parker Hand Made

    I have a couple of balisongs in my collection which are very close in a number of aspects. They are the Bali-Song Custom (USA) and the Parker Hand Made (Japan). Virtually the same in many aspects, there are some differences in construction. The stainless steel handle thickness on both knives is nearly the same, with the Parker having more cylinder shaped radius and only single drilled holes. The Bali-Song has small pin cups that appear to have been made by hand grinder (each cup is a slightly different shape/depth), while the Parker has cups that were made using a flat end mill. The Bali-Song has a longer but thinner tang pin compared to the shorter and fatter Parker pin. While the blade lengths are the same, the Parker has a thicker 3/16" blade and the Bali-Song measures a thinner 5/32". The Bali-Song has a noticeably thicker T latch, and the Parker has a thin one. Both knives handle/flip about the same, and the weight is very close with the Bali-Song at 7.8 oz and the Parker at 8.2oz. I suspect the Parker is heavier mainly due to the fewer handle holes and thicker blade. Both knives have minimal side play. The Parker originally had a satin/rubbed finish when new--I changed that years ago with a high polish on the blade, handles and latch/end. I also polished the latch/end and handle flats on the Bali-Song. Both are exceptional old school channel balisongs.

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    Nice knives! Definite old school classic stuff there.
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      Nice comparison shots of some old knives!


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        Nice knives! Definitely back to the classics with those two!
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          I opened many tabs, and when i got to this thread, my eyes popped and i pounded on the PM button thinking it was for sale
          Was looking for a price until i saw what area it was posted in.
          If only ....

          Both are very very verrrrryyy nice looking knives.. more so the Samson.
          Nice score buddy!
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            I am partial to the oldies and it's great to see people make room in their collections for them. You have a couple nice pieces there and they look like you take care of them very well.


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              I really like the blade on the Parker bali. You got yourself a couple of good ones there
              Well isn't that just balitastic

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                ...nice oldies!


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                  always nice to see how well built those old knives are and appreciate how modern knife makers picked up from where the tradition left off.

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                    Man dem old ones were built well.
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                      The Parker Hand Made was one of the best 80's Japanese pieces behind Bali-Song of course. Nostimos needs to chime in here.
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                        Originally posted by taoist View Post
                        The Parker Hand Made was one of the best 80's Japanese pieces behind Bali-Song of course. Nostimos needs to chime in here.
                        I think they were just as nice and well made.
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                          I didnt know there were any steel handled Parkers. I want

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                            I just got back from a short winter vacation, and was told about this thread.

                            YES! the Custom Series Parkers are awesome.
                            I'll even go as far to say that they have way better handle dimensions for flipping than the famous CHO NO SHI.
                            MUCH closer to the old Bali-Song USA stuff.
                            In fact, the handle on these is probably the only truly "custom" part of it, since the exact same blade can be found on the CHO NO SHI AND the FROST Heavy Duty Butterfly Knife.

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