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Kizer Knives....anyone?

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  • Kizer Knives....anyone?

    Anyone familiar with these? Seem to be good quality for cheap money from what I can see.
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    Never heard of them but gonna give 'em a try. Laminated VG10, titanium scales with CF inlay for $114? What could go wrong?

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      I like the looks...

      but this one is a clear clone of a Tim Britton.

      I am sure they aren't paying for the Hinderer lockbar stabilzer either.
      Too bad because it looks like they might be able to make a good knife.
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        Originally posted by View Post
        but this one is a clear clone of a Tim Britton.

        I am sure they aren't paying for the Hinderer lockbar stabilzer either.
        Too bad because it looks like they might be able to make a good knife.
        There was some dust up online. They were contracted to make some as mid techs for Tim, then flaked or something...Or other. Something happened to queer the deal.

        Our own hamburger might know something...OR other...
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          Are these like Chitanium knockoffs?
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            Yea, Hamburger "WAS" playin nice with them Guys

            I have handled quite a few of their Models at Blade 2 years ago. Great stuff fo da Moneyz
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              They lost me at Made in China!

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                From what I heard Tim actually doesnt make the raw parts for the tango. The exact story I got from the guys at Kizer is that Tim approached them in 2012 and said he really liked a knife design they had and he wanted to buy the rights to it. They came to an agreement that he would place an order for so many blank knives and once that order requirment was filled a transfer of ownership of the design would be given to tim. According to Kizer he never came close to the number they agreed on and in the time frame they agreed upon so they again showed the knife at 2013 blade. This pissed Tim off and he started claiming that they stole his work via a shared cad file he sent them.

                According to Tim, its his design and it was in fact Kizer that approached him about making the design in china and paying him royalties. And the number was good and he agreed and stupidly sent the CAD file before getting paid. He claims they now make an unlicensed copy of his work. Though im not so sure I believe Mr. Britton. He has a shady past of buying kit knives from and embellishing them and passing them off as full customs. In some cases even flubbing on the materials used because if he exposed the steel the blades were really made of (aus varieties) he himself would be exposed.

                So If THAT is in fact true, which I have no reason to doubt the sources of this information then It would not surprise me if Mr Britton had a deal with Kizer. And I would not surprise me if he was importing parts from china and finishing them here in the states and calling them his own knives. Given the fact that nearly every single sale I see on a "legit" brand new Tango has light scratches and slightly off centered blades, it has me thinking these are not custom handmade knives as they should be perfect.

                I really dont know what to believe. In this day its easy to point the finger at china and call them the cunts since ali express alone proves nothing is sacred. But Tim has a stink finger past himself so who do you believe? Given Kizer seems to be trying really really hard at being a legitimate company and expand their market to the US and Tims past flubs with situations almost identical to what we are seeing with him and kizer, I have to kinda lean on Kizer telling the truth
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                  WHEW !!! KIZER at it again......

                  for y'all who read Jerzeedevil....BLADE Show last year KIZER showed up with a booth. ICE was aware they violated USA copyrights and sent unmarked ripoffs to the USA for sale. They also have a history of ripping off Stryder, Chris Reeve and Rick Hinderer and selling these knives on ICE never showed up to enforce our laws....guess not big enough for them to bother with. I stopped by their booth and observed what they were showing....not bad stuff, but 3 clear copyright violations that I could identify.
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                    Just got an email

                    from one of the larger on-line knife vendors, they`re pitching the new Kizer knives pretty heavily. If I wasn`t aware of the history here, I might have considered buying one.

                    Chinese stuff (some of it, anyway) has come a long way recently. Last time I saw Rio at a NJ get-together, he showed me a new knife (from Boker, I think) that seemed to be of high-quality, at a very reasonable cost.

                    That being said, I will not support ripoff artists. There will be no Kizers in my collection unless/until they clean up their dirty laundry and make amends....
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