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To be Fair - The Most Underrated Knife

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  • To be Fair - The Most Underrated Knife

    What is "The Most Underrated Knife" you've found?
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    The Browning 580 Crowell/Barker Competition knife.

    Straight from the factory in China... it's not up to much... but once the edge has been thinned out and convexed... it becomes a very good knife.


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      Soupy, that's pretty damn cool...

      For me, it's anything made by Spyderco Knives, circa 1995 - 2000....been outta the loop since, but G2 (GIN 1) steel was (and is, IMNSHO) 'da bomb'...

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        Old BuckLites. I am not talking the newer ones with the holes in the slabs, but the old four pin with the finger groove slabs.

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          The Camillus or Ontario USAF Survival Knife. To me this one stands up well to hard use as well as knives that cost three or five times as much. Some folks scoff at them, but for $30 you can't go wrong.


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            For the custom stuff, I have always believed that Wayne Watanabe is very under-rated (I think he does this on purpose).

            For factory stuff, I think Spyderco is very well thought of and not neccesarily under-rated, but I have found that two of their older very simple blades are a great deal and don't get much love-The police model, and the co-pilot.
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              BRKT Mini Northstar made a believer in BRKT's out of me! And it's in 12c27! I keep dreaming of this knife in A2 or 52-100!! With slightly thicker scales!!


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                Mike Draper consistently makes well thought out folders with extremely high fit and finish ( as you'd expect from a ABS Journeyman). He is one of those makers who still has the time and desire to make every single knife that leaves his shop as perfect as possible. He also is a sole author on the damascus pieces, another rarity. Helluva nice guy too.

                Oh yeah, his wife makes a decent knife too....


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                  Originally posted by Tracker View Post
                  BRKT Mini Northstar made a believer in BRKT's out of me! And it's in 12c27! I keep dreaming of this knife in A2 or 52-100!! With slightly thicker scales!!
                  Sounds like a good idea for the eerily silent JD forum knife thread. Straighter handle, the whole beastie downsized a little bit, and there is your perfect EDC...



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                    i know it's blasphemous to praise anything cold steel around these parts, but some of their knives offer great value......

                    a lot of their knives are overpriced and overhyped, but at the same time, they do carry items that offer great bang for the buck......

                    i will try to be as specific as possible here......

                    their machete lineup is excellent.....lots of different patterns for whatever your needs may be........good heat treat, with a good steel......all for about $ can't beat that......

                    their economy SK-5 lineup is also quite good......their trailmaster model, their recon scout, etc.....instead of san mia, stainless, or carbon V, they use SK-5, which is 1080 carbon get a big chunk of steel with a decent heat treat made of good carbon steel.......

                    then you have their mora wannabe knives, plastic handled knives with 4116 krupp stainless blades.......the finn bear, canadian belt knife, and their roach belly.....little utility belt knives that cut really well, for under $15.......

                    their bushman knives may be the best bang for the buck knives in their whole lineup......sk5 steel, with a one piece design.......very very sturdy, good edge, good steel, it even comes with a decent plastic lined leather sheath......for $20, you can't beat it.......

                    i may be missing a model here or there, but my point stands that they do offer some decent blades for decent prices........

                    a lot of their stuff is just plain overpriced junk.......i guess you could even say that the majority of their lineup is overpriced junk........however, there are some diamonds in the rough, which is my point in the first place.....

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                        SAKs. You know, everyone says they suck, but some are actually not that bad.

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                          what happened to UJ's post?
                          no politics up in da heezy, mah neezy!!!
                          can ya dig it, sucka???


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                            I moved it.


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                              Originally posted by bootstrenf View Post
                              flame away!!!
                              Darn it! I lost my propane torch, will a match work?

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