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brown bag ops

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  • brown bag ops

    the sounds of a scuffle in the living room tipped me
    off to the fact that my team was on edge.

    i knew a quiet day around the house was not to be.

    i gathered necessary supplies and briefed the team....

    ...our objective?

    ...the tree house.

    the team quickly deployed and mounted the rural
    assault vehicle and headed north.

    we made a quick stop on the road because i hadn't
    had the forethought to have my strike team visit
    the bathroom before we left.

    we pulled over next to this abandoned house 30 klicks
    north of home base.

    the team re-deployed and headed north.
    i was in the pilot seat reading road signs for the team
    when i made the fatal error and said "drive-thru tree" out loud.
    the team demanded R&R.

    a view straight up the chandelier.

    the team demanded sustenance and since this is
    a "brown bag ops strike force"....... we ate.
    really put my severtech thru the paces today.

    i needed it custom ground for the kind of low-speed
    high-drag ops i get involved in. krein complied.
    i'd explain it to you but if you haven't been living
    in high-stress parental operations theater like me .... you
    probably wouldn't get it.

    first i tested the severtech with grueling salami

    if you're thinking to yourself: "that clip looks like it was
    polished and heat anodized by a six-year-old girl!"

    you'd be right ............. it was.

    without giving the blade time to cool off i immediately
    put it thru the brutal "two slices of bread" test.

    luckily the edge held.

    here is a graphic picture of the wound channel
    in a smoked salmon my daughter took.

    ......... the salmon did not survive.

    i asked my team to take a photo, a keepsake really,
    to remember all the harrowing things we had been
    thru so far.
    they were reticent.

    operators of this caliber don't divulge their identities.

    back in the vehicle for a 20 minute ride farther north.

    we stopped for bottles of water and the unthinkable...... happened.

    in the rush to remount the vehicle the youngest member
    of our team went down. was touch and go for a minute......... my training took over.

    being a six year veteran in the parental operations
    theatre .......... i'll just say see some things.

    i quickly prioritized her injuries and treated the arterial
    spray of tears with direct pressure (a hug).
    when she was stabilized i treated her secondary wounds
    with bandaids.
    my quick thinking and training saved my team at least
    two minutes of crying.

    inter-agency problems means i have to handle stuff like this.

    the local police are dummies.

    moods brightened when i informed my team we were
    minutes away from our objective.

    the tree house.

    but it was not to be.

    we quickly bugged out and travelled back down the
    eel river valley.

    to smith grove.

    spent some time in the grove.

    ...and down at the river.

    due to the nature of our exposed location the team
    quickly dug in.

    the weather turned on us.

    without proper rain-gear my team was compromised.

    i extracted the team back to base for dinner. more time thru the damn tree.

    and home.

    as always i will disavow any knowledge of this mission.
    death machine and love.

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    War is hell...,but sounds like a great day.
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    ...we are doing something wrong...he stayed calm and did not threw a tantrum.....
    sweet blade. bet it cuts like a wild monkey wielding a razor blade
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      You all make a good team. Some Leaders know just what their team are thinking, if your words are evidence.


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        Battle of the Banjos

        Did you hear it coming from that house?


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          You all make a good team. Some Leaders know just what their team are thinking, if your words are evidence.
          chain of command seems hazy sometimes....

          but they are the best thing i've ever done.
          death machine and love.


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            Thanks for sharing your adventure. Beautiful family, beautiful country. The Eel River flows through some very picturesque country and can be a very dangerous place when Mother Nature vents her wrath with big Pacific storms. I haven't been there in years, but I was there in the Spring of '65 after the Christmas floods of '64. The Eel had been 29 feet above flood stage and washed away a number of towns.

            Never lost, often misplaced!!!

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              Fantastic, bloody marvellous pictures.

              "A tuft of hair gotten from the head of a full-grown Brock is powerful to ward off all manner of witchcraft; these must be worn in a little bag made of cat's skin - a black cat - and tied about the neck when the moon be not more than seven days old, and under that aspect when the planet Jupiter be mid-heaven at midnight."


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                That made my day. Thanks for that. A+

                A well disciplined operation. I can't believe the risks you took with that blade, though. Luckily, the risks paid off.


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                  VERY nice!!!

                  GREAT pix Norcal!!! man! those are some trees! beautiful country
                  out there! hey! is that a Severtech w/ a Krein blade BTW...??


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                    Fantastic work, norcal13. Your next mission, should you accept, will be a tour of all the wineries in the area. By the way... doesn't salami and bread come pre-sliced?
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                      Damn cool NC.

                      Thanks for the Mission briefing...
                      If you're not the lead dog, the view's always the same...


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                        Fantastic work, norcal13. Your next mission, should you accept, will be a tour of all the wineries in the area. By the way... doesn't salami and bread come pre-sliced?
                        if it came pre-sliced i wouldn't need a custom knife.

                        i'm sorry but the team is a little too young for the op you suggest.
                        death machine and love.


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                          Great Pics! Those Mighty Red Wood trees are amazing. I wish that Tree house was Open! that must be incredible
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                            I very nearly cleaned the side mirror off a rental car ( we were traveling under cover ) on that very tree..........I know exactly how deep into Injun territory your team was.
                            Great pics of a great time.
                            Thanks for sharing.

                            JDSSA # 257133023


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                              Great thread!

                              That tree house looks just like the one Ron lives in when he is making cookies.
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