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New Profile Posts

  1. blackmetal1181
  2. senseicharles
    Knee deep in Balisongs
  3. AzScorpion
    New to forum. Building basement under concrete home floor.
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  4. Colin Harrison
  5. apdallaround
    apdallaround XtraMedium
    Do you still have the Adamas auto? I am interested in purchasing it. Are you able to locate the pouch that came with it?
    Thanks, Andy D. apdallaround
  6. Joshxua
    My introduction, I am a balisong flipper and collector I have been flipping for a year and 3 days and I flip my infinity every single day
    1. Mr.LaBella
      An introduction thread goes in the Testing The Waters area on JD. Not here.
      Apr 21, 2017 at 7:39 AM
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  7. Eddie Lomas
    Eddie Lomas Rio
    U really bought that Orion ?
    1. Rio
      Apr 18, 2017
  8. alerma
    alerma damascus9
    i know this is a super old thread, just wondering if you still have the kershaw launch for sale?
  9. Luke-ass
    i play music, i play with knives, I work on cars
  10. Mike Smith
    Mike Smith feenxfire
    How do i become a member of JDBA
  11. ImperatorMagnus
    Watching Fox News!
  12. Balisong_guy
    Looking to buy some balisongs
  13. AnotherCookieCutter
    Flipping a beater barebones
  14. Xerxes
    To the question that asks "what's the best in life ?" ( personal details ) My only question is why can't I pick all three answers ?!?! Lol
  15. Xerxes
    When you're waiting for an expensive bali to come in and you're chomping at the bit...
  16. horrormoviess
    Total insomnia.
  17. DeadRomeo
  18. Xerxes
    As per usual time where I should be finishing a college research paper is spent on JD perusing the threads.
  19. RJ Martin
    RJ Martin
    making knifemaking history 24/7/365
  20. grids7