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New Profile Posts

  1. caseyedwards
  2. caseyedwards
  3. Nate
    Hi everyone, very new to the forums and look forward to being a part of the community. Ypsilanti, MI
    1. ratstuph
      Well Nate this is great (see what I did there), but you need to post your intro in "testing the waters".
      Oct 17, 2017 at 11:17 AM
  4. Drugmonsters
    Is going to Burton township for the apple butter festival. I love this time of year. Gun store right in town square. Don't judge. :D
  5. Drugmonsters
    playing counterstrike ><
  6. caseyedwards
    Eating Goldfish
  7. caseyedwards
    Eating snacks and taking naps.
  8. GreyARM
    EDC Junkie that does not follow JD rules well and has been called a lurker ; ) Trying to improve my already tarnished reputation.
  9. caseyedwards
    caseyedwards ratstuph
    So shall I change the "about me" to literally just facts?
    1. ratstuph
      That sir, is up to you.
      Oct 10, 2017
  10. caseyedwards
    Giving moderators hell for I am a rebel. Then then one was nice & I felt bad.
    1. ratstuph
      While this is all wonderful, and all, it does not constitute a proper introduction. That would need to be posted in "testing the water".
      Oct 10, 2017
  11. Rush Garcia
    Rush Garcia
    Hello. My name is rush, I'm a musician that just happens to enjoy sharp objects.
    1. ratstuph
      Nice avatar, and that would be a swell intro if only it were in the right location ("testing the waters").
      Oct 10, 2017
    2. Rush Garcia
      Rush Garcia
      hehe, sorry, Im still sorta new to all this.
      Oct 12, 2017
    JIMMY_MAC ilovekittens
    Has the Dalton forum seen it's last day?
    1. begreen61 likes this.
    2. begreen61
      He's been working on it the forum,It was Hacked by ass wipes . He's doing his best ,but it will take time, all are fingers are crossed.
      Oct 9, 2017
  13. Chris732
    Death Is Certain Life Is Not
  14. Mr.Meseek
    Existence is pain
  15. Mr.Meseek
    Existence is paim
  16. Pretty BoyFloyd
    Pretty BoyFloyd
    Hello my name is Inigo Montaya you killed my father prepare to die
  17. triplecabbage
    Waiting for the next wave of HOM balis to drop.
  18. debtslave
  19. debtslave
    1. ratstuph
      This is not the private message function; do you really want everybody to be able to see your business here?
      Oct 2, 2017
  20. Latchless3888
    Whats up every one names clint