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New Profile Posts

  1. B_churchill
    Marveling at knives since 2007
  2. tedwilliams
    What should I think about?
  3. tedwilliams
    You don't have to run, I know what you've been through
  4. tedwilliams
  5. Kyler
    Currently looking for Squid Industry Trainers and BRS Reps/AB.s
  6. DryB0n35
  7. gauthierbrad
    Snowboarding at Tuckerman's Ravine
  8. sawjaws
  9. spsgold
    spsgold aafanatic
    If you hurry you can score a BRS Replicant on Blade HQ's website right now! They just released some new ones, but they won't last long!
    6-13-18 11:00 am
  10. buffalo4star
    Am handgun hunter,shooter and knife guy. Also NRA Life Member.
    1. crogers
      Jun 15, 2018
  11. Colin J Abbott
    Colin J Abbott
    Anybody know why all the balisongs on the BRS website is sold out?
    1. crogers
      Jun 15, 2018
  12. 1980sBaliKid
    1980sBaliKid Augrewa
    Hey package shipped today should arrive Saturday. Tracking USPS 9505 8158 0433 8158 2810 35 Post Office didn’t find your exact street address. Have you ever had that issue?
    1. Augrewa
      No that is pretty interesting hope it makes it here ok lol
      Jun 8, 2018
  13. Blake Jordan
    Blake Jordan
    WTB Carbon Fiber Replicant 7/10+ Condition (Preferably Stock with No Mods). PM me offers or if interested. :)
  14. oneflippyboi
    I need to read rules better
  15. Thomas Shin
  16. Doc Erbe
    Doc Erbe
    Trying to flip a nice balisong
  17. ih8damian
    Flipping Balis
  18. Thomas Shin
    Thomas Shin
    Brand new Atropos Demon still for sale....
  19. Organ Grinder
    Organ Grinder
    Just a worm trying to get his wings
  20. gottobegeek
    I have Paracord lanyards, wrist bands, and Keychain Caribiners for sale if anyone is in need or interested.