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New Profile Posts

  1. Joep
    Joep Mr.LaBella
    I'm having a problem with one of the forum members. I may be getting scammed out of money and a knife. So, my question to you is: how do I check a member's feedback? The member's JD moniker is: cme0044. Thanks for any help/info., you can provide. Stay safe, Joe P.
    1. Mr.LaBella
      Search the forum, maybe??
      Jul 24, 2017 at 11:46 AM
    2. begreen61
      Jul 24, 2017 at 1:50 PM
  2. bladedevil33
    Burning up in the sun
  3. Lielax
    New to this site! Hope to get along with everyone and learn a lot about knives!
  4. ratstuph
    ratstuph 69Handbanana
    Two things:
    a) Taint nuthin in Iowa but pigs and corn.
    b) Your intro post needs to be made in "testing the waters" (not here) to avoid both further derision and weiner-whackage.
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  5. 69Handbanana
    Hey im 18 y/o male from iowa and im new to these forums usually am on /r/balisong, n00b flipper but have a decent collection,
  6. d00g13
    A drunken mans words are a sober mans thoughts
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  7. thisguyflips
  8. Madara
    Madara XtraMedium
    huge shout out to XtraMedium for providing me with my dream knife and being an A+ seller/Devil. you rock and i will forever remember this day.
  9. WhyIsMyRumGone
    I like the finer things in life knives, rum,the ocean and me booty
  10. HotrodKelley
    HotrodKelley Angusbort
    Hey brother. I'm trying to get ahold of you on the Miller you have or had on eBay. Do you still have it?
    Please contact me here or at toyfj70@yahoo.com
  11. Southern Steel
    Southern Steel
    Fullers Make Me Feel Frisky!
  12. HotrodKelley
    HotrodKelley Angusbort
    Hello brother. Are you interested in any trades for your Miller brothers blades M-8 you have on eBay?
    I don't have a eBay acct so I searched you out on JD.
    I really would like to get the M-8 from you.
    Please contact me through the forums here or my email- toyfj70@yahoo.com
    Thankyou, Aaron
  13. bladedevil33
    Enjoying the beach
  14. crogers
  15. Derek Frost
    Derek Frost
    My friends call me Frosty I have a fascination with knives and sharp objects. Would like to start learning how to forge. Looking for a bali
  16. Madara
    "For you, it's more believable if I say I'm a Shinigami? In a way you could say that I'm a Shinigami, indeed... Because this place is hell!"
  17. RDSBandit
    Veni, vidi, vici.
  18. Ramsey Kothmann
    Ramsey Kothmann
    Just joined today and want to say thanks! My name is Ramsey. Looking forward to all!
  19. GregB
    GregB Brian

    Sent you a message about the Lula loader yesterday. It hasn't shown up yet. Wanted to confirm the shipping address.
  20. bladedevil33
    Looking for a good Bali