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New Profile Posts

  1. Tenggott
  2. Pinoy Knife
    Pinoy Knife Linos
    Hey friend.
    I hope you have been well.

    So sorry about that, kind of wanted to leave the bali-song scene behind
    after a bad taste.

    Could you please send it over to Linos?
    If you need his address please let me know or him know.

    All the best in the NY brother.
    Salamat Po.

    Demitrious you cool with this ??
    1. Linos
      yea no problem ,sent it over
      Feb 25, 2017 at 7:09 AM
  3. DDenver
    Life is too short - ENJOY jokes
  4. AnotherCookieCutter
  5. Adrock2864
    Adrock2864 killerelite
    Hello, always looking for Daltons. Hit me up if you have more for sale! Thx Adrock
  6. Kyle Asai-Lau
  7. Kyle Asai-Lau
    Kyle Asai-Lau
    lol how do i update this thing?
  8. damascus9
    damascus9 theMachine
    Hi there I will take the ZT 0450. Can you send me your Paypal address?

  9. octopus
    Uh, don't know what to put here YET
  10. Sharpazzhell
    Interested in knives mostly balisongs. Also to trade and sell
  11. OGflippy
  12. Damien Conway
    Damien Conway
    Slaying balisong aerials Rn.
  13. IMbustos
  14. adambomb15
    I love Guns, flashlights and gear, but my main passion is KNIVES!
  15. Daniel6123
    Looking for a flogging
  16. Tguns
    Time to make the doughnuts...or the duck confit anyways.
  17. Tguns
    Strep throat sucks. I'm dying over here.
  18. Brian
    Back on the grid....
    1. begreen61 and stdlrf11 like this.
  19. crogers
    crogers Frank Cyprus
  20. Frank Cyprus
    Frank Cyprus
    hey, im here to do knife things. lets do them!